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No matter how much woman would be infected by a virus of feminism or how she tried to establish herself in the career and business, she still remains a woman. So it means that, she always will be wearing purely female things with affection and happiness such as fur coats, modest brilliants lacy lingerie.

Underwear is the item of clothing on which we do not just waste money, but we spend them with pleasure, because it's beautiful, elegant, sexy, stylish and just great. From the selection of lingerie depends self-confidence of the woman, faith in oneself and faith in one self’s attractiveness and irresistibility. Choosing lingerie takes into account all the individual features of appearance – shape, color preferences, etc. But, perhaps, the most important is a sense of comfort that gives correctly matched underwear. The variety of lingerie truly captivates and hypnotizes lovely women. Therefore in 1998 was created new brand of lingerie «DIVA SHARM», which produces high-quality, stylish and comfortable lingerie.

We cooperate with well-known foreign brands, which contribute to our high level of quality and design of the products. The company produces classical and very fashionable underwear based on the latest fashion trends, using high-quality raw materials. During this time we have opened representative offices in Russia and a network of shops of our brand in Latvia. We are successfully working in the European market and competing with other manufacturers of lingerie.

Thanks to the talented team of the company products «DIVA SHARM» has high quality products and exquisite style. Employees of the company are experienced designers, technologists, skilled seamstresses. Every stage of production – development, testing of the landing product, changes after washing, color sustainment – is monitored with great attention to give the product its uniqueness and ability to be competitive in today's market.

In 2009, our brand has entered into an association of light industry "LATVERA" which includes the leading Latvian companies and entering into which you must meet a number of conditions. The range of our collection includes a huge variety of products, such a brassieres, panties, chemises, robes and other items to suit every taste, age and size. Sizes range: from A to G, amounts of from 70 to 100.

We try to take an individual approach, taking into account all wishes of each client and always welcome our new customers. Looking forward to see you in our offices and stores!

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